no people or property damage , What shall I do now?

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no people or property damage , What shall I do now?

by: adamxing on
Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:28 am

Three days ago, when I was driving at the Canadian Tire parking lot, a gentleman from outside of my car saying to me meaning I pumped his car. I actually did not feel collision. I stopped, got off my car. We checked the backs of both cars, and saw my car had a little damage (that should be previous damage), and his car had no damage. Then he told me I could go, and I drove away quickly. I almost forgot this thing until yesterday, two policemen knocked on my door and asked me if I was in an accident. They wrote down my insurance number and phone number, and said some other policeman will call me later.

I realize that gentleman changed his mind and called 911 after I left, and I am in trouble now. I am 100% sure there was no people or property damage at the collision if there is one, however, I dont have witness (I hope Canadian Tire has camera at parking lot to help me), and the worst of it, I left early.

What shall I do now?
Shall I report to my insurance company? (I dont think I need to because I dont think there is damage, and the police would have noticed my insurance company.)
Will they give me a ticket of hit and run? I feel innocent and helpless, what can I do? Thank you very much!
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by: sydavid on
Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:48 am

The policemen did not charge you yet. So, nothing you can do right now.

And I am not very sure about this, but HTA does not apply to private property.

For the insurance company, if the other party have already reported to their provider and your insurance company will know for sure because other party at least had your plate number. Otherwise how the policeman found you. The insurance company can track the number and find you and contact your insurance provider. And your insurance company will contact you and hear your side of story and make the decision about the responsibility.

And I do not see the charge of HIT AND RUN. Like you said, there is no damage. Maybe the officer will give you a ticket for fail to report a accident. But you can fight one for sure.
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