Red light ticket with video

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Red light ticket with video

by: Sultan on
Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:18 am

Well I made a post on Wednesday but no reply. I got my first ticket earlier this week for failure to stop at a red light. The roads were empty except for a car I didn't see after I pulled out the store. After pulling out I increase speed to about 50km. The light turns yellow about 2 car lengths. I decide to proceed and I enter the lines while it's still yellow. I see the lights change to red about half in the intersection. The car behind me was a cop. Pulls me over and hands me red light ticket.

Here is a similar video. What the white truck did is similar to what happened with me. Notice the second car was late.

I'm a university student who just turned 21 and have been licensed for about 5 years. Clean record. The only ticket I have received before this was a parking ticket at school. My insurance renewal is late January and my insurance has already decreased by $850 which was reflected on my December bill.

I'm still a G2 though since I haven't booked for a G licence yet. That should be done this month. \

Help me get this charge dropped!! I'm willing to hire a ticket fighter.
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by: tdottopcop on
Fri Jan 11, 2013 2:05 pm

- Apply for disclosure to see what kind of evidence the officer has against you.

- Fight the charge, even if only by yourself. You'll be offered the oppourtunity to speak with a prosecutor. Explain what happened. You'll very likely be offered a plea bargain where you plea guilty in exchange for a reduced charge (which includes less fine, demerit points possibly).

The chances that even a ticket fighter will have the charge 'dropped' is unlikely... when they say 'we win or it's free', they count a "win" as what I described above (plea bargaining).

When speaking with the prosecutor, don't go on and on about how there were no cars on the road, it was late at night etc etc because that's completely irrelevant and makes it look like you're making excuses. Take some responsibility, explain what happened maturely, and you'll very likely be offered a reduced charge.

Good luck.
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