Paralegal recommendation

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Paralegal recommendation

by: AtomGirl on
Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:42 pm

Hi everyone, I received a "disobey stop sign - fail to stop" section 136(1)(a) ticket from a police officer sitting off to the side of a perpendicular street to the on I was on...I believe I did stop even if it was for a second

I don't have any tickets like this before now but it is essentially the officer's word vs mine & the officer appeared to be a young and new officer

Can any of you recommend a paralegal to help prepare for trial for this or to negotiate with the prosecutor on my behalf? To me a win would be a non-HTA ticket or a dismissal at trial (withdraw ticket), just lowering demerit points or reducing the ticket to a "disobey sign ticket" is NOT a win for me as my insurance still goes up because it is convictions not demerit points that raise your insurance premiums....The trial would take place in a Hamilton court

Anyone work with Greg Eschweiler ( , Frank Alfano ( ... nk-alfano/ or ) , Jackie Manzon ( , ) or Amber Smart ( ) or worked with anyone at those firms? can you recommend any others that would be good to work with for Hamilton court? what about other firms like POINTTS, etc

Are any of these paralegals good at being prepared for court or good at negotiating (more than just lowering demerit points or to a "disobey sign" because I could probably do that) with prosecutors? Do you know what the prosecutors are like in the Hamilton courts? are they tough when sitting on the stand?

I appreciate your input as I am new at this
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by: Ontarioracer91 on
Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:36 am

I used a company called Mg legal services. They got my charged dropped completely. I don't know whats the background with your charge but they did a good job. They did take a little while (with adjournments) but it was a flat fee and at the end it all worked out. That's who I suggest. Im pretty sure they deal with all of Ontario, you might want to give them a call.
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