Best Paralegal For S172?

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Best Paralegal For S172?

by: s172_CHARGED on

Hi, I'm new to these boards,,

I was wondering if someone would comment on who is known for

the best paralegal service with regards to s.172.

The ones I'm considering are:




I would like hear personal experience with any of the above and

that the fee is.


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by: Reflections on

I will say use the form below. I have not used any of the services though.... OR
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by: llvllax on

I used coppers not x coppers, i am afraid to give names, but she got the cop to reduce it to 49, i was sure he had me and i didn't think i would won, but i had to choice but to fight this HUGE charge for making a mistake ........she was going to get the cop for driving with the radar on and its not allowed....she told the crown she wanted 29 and got its to 49.....i plead guilty walk right to the cop in court and thanked him, even though i was so mad at him. I think in this case he had to swallow his pride when he knew he was right, so did i.....good luck...... please fight this....its a very BAD law.....Racing is one thing but jail time for speeding, come on......

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