Failure To Stop: 136(1) "a" But Looks Like A "c" To Those I've Shown The Ticket To

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Failure To Stop: 136(1) "a" But Looks Like A "c" To Those I've Shown The Ticket To

by: nikkijeanne on

Got pulled over today for failure to stop at a stop sign. I had come to a (very) breif stop just prior to the stop sign itself which is blocked from view of where the officer was located. There was a mailbox and trailer parked in the same lot which would disable him from having a good line of sight. The line for the stop sign however, is further up and within his view. I turned right and he pulled me over for running the stop sign. I told him I had stopped and if he was referring to me not stopping at the line itself then sure whatever. He gives me a ticket but on the ticket he wrote the code for what I believe is supposed to be 136(1)(a); but the 'a' looks like a 'c' and doesn't resemble any other a's written on the ticket itself. I've shown a few people a picture of the ticket and they've all said the same thing.

Any advice on fighting this ticket?

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by: Decatur on

The position of the stop sign is immaterial. All the matters is you didn’t stop at the marked stop line as it states you shall in HTA section 136(1)(a).

Whether it’s an a or c is also immaterial. You are aware of why you were stopped and what the charge is. This is not a fatal flaw..

Best you can do at the moment is, if you want to put the effort in, plead not guilty, wait for a trial date and request disclosure.

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