Failure To Stop For School Bus Ticket

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Failure To Stop For School Bus Ticket

by: Nifferll25 on

Last week (tuesday) I turned left onto a 4 lane road. As I turned (going north bound) into the left lane a school bus approached and proceeded through the intersection in the right lane. We are driving side by side. I slowed momentarily (was going to turn into my pants house but noticed they weren't home) then speed up slightly. This out my front bumper around the back wheel well of the bus. The mini van behind me had gotten quite close when I slowed some and remained on my tail. I noticed the bus to my right was slowing down but so were the 3 vehicles in front of it as the lights at the intersection were turning red. The 2 vehicles in front of me were also stopping. Next thing I see is the bus putting is so sign out as it was stopping. I applied the breaks but couldn't slam on them due to the minivan behind me. When I could stop safely it was as or within moments of the bus stopping. The next evening the police were looking for me. I was working and stopped at the station when I returned to the city. I was presented with a ticket for failure to stop for a school bus. The officer said there were no other witnesses and the driver was claiming no other vehicles were in the left lane behind me ( or stopped in the left lane behind the bus). I know I did not do anything wrong and did all I could. I'm confident I was in the buses blind spot. I have hired an experienced lawyer and have never had so much as a speeding ticket in past so this is very stressful to me. I am fully bonded, volunteer in the community, have 2 kids of my own and am reputable. What is my legal standing and chances at trial? Additionally; not sure if it matters, the officer listed me as male on the ticket but I am clearly female. Thanks in advance

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