34 over, subsection question and notes discrepancy

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Re: 34 over, subsection question and notes discrepancy

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It all seems a bit arbitrary. I filed a ticket with 50 written in the "set fine of" box, you know, the one with the dollar sign in it and the JP quashed it because I hadn't written 50.00 and so my 50 could have meant 50 cents.......apparently. Different judge, different day, different outcome.
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Unread post by avialaw on

I've decided not to risk it, given what I've seen and heard the JP do for the first little while today, so I've gone the route of getting an adjournment charged to the prosecution, based on the so called disclosure I've received 2 weeks before the trial.

The JP said I shouldn't expect to ever see an entire radar operating manual, but that my other points are valid. With this in mind, they've given me a trial date which falls short of a year (1 week less than 11 months after the original offence date), so I'm not sure how much I can play the 11b game...

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