Multiple Tickets Big Fine

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Multiple Tickets Big Fine

by: lknisley on

My 18 year old son has very little driving experience and doesn't think as quickly as he should. He was driving down a regional road at night (speeding) probably around 110 km in an 80 km zone. A police officer began following him, however he didn't realize it was a a police officer, and concluded the guy behind him was being a jerk (tailgating) so sped up.... dumb and 18. He also moved into the center of the road as he was speeding and was concerned that HE WAS GOING so fast. DUMBER. The officer continued to follow him. When the police officer finally stopped him he was asked to get out of the car. His friend in the passager seat looked for the insurance and registration but didn't know what he was looking for and couldn't find anything.

The officer charged my son with speeding 49Km over, failing to remain in his lane, not producing insurance, not producing registration. In all $800 in fines and 6 or 7 demerit points. though he is guilty, I would like the fines reduced otherwise I will have to pay them. i want them to hurt, because he was dumb and needs to learn, but not to this point, because I'm the one wh0 will have to pay. What can be done?

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by: Radar Identified on

You may also be able to talk to the Prosecutor about offering to plead guilty to some of the infractions in exchange for dropping others. For example: Could offer to plead guilty to 30 km/h over speed limit plus fail to remain in lane in exchange for dropping the insurance & registration, or maybe 40 over in exchange for dropping all others - something like that. That way he still gets demerit points. If he has to cover his own insurance, the two "moving violations" (speeding, fail to drive in marked lane) will REALLY hurt. Paralegals (such as Xcopper) can give you a good result of some reduced pleas in exchange for dropping others. It may be worthwhile exploring that option, as Reflections pointed out. Some of them might be more gung-ho than others and get ALL of them chucked, though. :shock: Depends on how much work you want to do yourself.

What part of Ontario do you live in? Some Prosecutors would be more than willing to bargain, depending on where you are.

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