License Suspension Appears On Abstract Even After Charges Dropped

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License Suspension Appears On Abstract Even After Charges Dropped

by: hiitsamar on

Almost 2 years ago, I was pulled over for speeding 160 in a 100 zone. Got my license suspended and car impounded for 7 days. I got a stunt driving charge and summons to appear in court. Since it was my first ever offence, the stunt driving charge was dropped and I got a speeding 49 over the limit ticket instead along with 4 demerit points. My question is why does the 7 day license suspension still appear on my drivers abstract if I was not convicted of the initial stunt driving charge? Shouldn’t that have been dropped with my charge too? Is there anyway way I can get the suspension off my record? Please advise, thank you in advance!

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by: bend on

That's what they call an "administrative suspension."

There are multiple ways you can receive one. Stunt driving is one and something completely different like a medical issue can be another.

It's not an indication that you've been convicted of anything.

Unfortunately, it's not a mistake and it wont be going away.

The good news is that insurance providers cannot use it to determine rates, at least in this particular situation. The reasoning behind the suspension isn't revealed through an abstract.

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