Fatal Error For Incorrect Total Payable - Speeding

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Fatal Error For Incorrect Total Payable - Speeding

by: UnluckyDuck on

Hey Guys, It's been a while since I've used this forum (Haven't been charged with anything in 3 years, so I've cleaned up my act.)

Yesterday, I was pulled over and charged with Speeding 130 KMH in a Posted 100KMH zone on the 401. The officer was nice and polite, as I was with him, and charged me accordingly. However, when I did the math, the Set Fine should be $180 and Total Payable should be $220. On the ticket, its listed as $180 set fine and $200 Total Payable. If I ignore the Ticket, can I still use London vs Young 2008 to get it quashed? Or has case laws changed since I've last been on here?

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