Failure to Surrender Lisc, 34k Over, Bend on Highway 115

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Failure to Surrender Lisc, 34k Over, Bend on Highway 115

by: yumyumfairy on
Tue May 24, 2016 3:16 pm

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to seek some help regarding a pair of tickets I recently got.

Location: Highway 115, Cavan-Monaghan Township (Bend) in Peterborough County
Time: 11am
Car: Honda Odyssey Minivan (Though was not marked on my ticket, just plate number)
- 134k in a posted 100k zone
- Failure to surrender license
No other information regarding speedometer etc.

I was asked last minute by my boss if I could drive to do a site visit in my vehicle from Vaughn to Peterborough. Unfortunately being in the process of getting my license renewed I forgot my current one. It was a sunny day, open road, and unfortunately I just had to be the one going faster than the rest (everyone else was maybe 25k over).

Going around the bend me and my coworker noticed the OPP officer just a bit too late, I pulled over to the right lane, slowed down. Once we were near the cop pointed at me as he pulled out and I promptly pulled over after he turned the lights on. He was blunt, but straightforward, asked me why I was going so fast to which I nervously babbled something about our site visit to Peterborough (did not explicitly say I was speeding, or admit fault but I suppose I did in a way). Gave me a bit of a hard time when I was scrambling to find ownership, but nonetheless I had ownership/insurance. Gave both tickets to me straight up with, no going easy on me (I didnt personally think I was going 134 but I was definitely over 130 either way) and gave me a warning about being slow on finding ownership and how he could charge me for it apparently. No fatal errors with fines etc as far as I can see but I could post a censored version. I was in a Hondo minivan if that makes a difference haha.

To give a little context, Im a young driver (21 years old), only have one previous ticket (15-20k over I believe on a country road, exactly 3 years ago). Im a competent guy and definitely not a jackass, especially on the road. I have a good driving record and have done a fair bit of driving in the past. Past summer jobs that require to me to do an extended amount of driving daily where I have had no issues:
- Sanitation worker, driving a garbage truck daily
- Pool Tech, driving all around Burlington/Hamilton/GTA daily etc

I was just looking for any advice / if its worthwhile to fight the ticket (on my own /hire a paralegal etc)? Any help is super appreciated as Im new to this. From what I understand having 2 tickets on your abstract is a lot bigger of a deal than just one, and being a young driver and all I do want to try my best to avoid insurance hikes even if I have to put in work // shell out for a paralegal.

From what I've read I would hope to get the "Fail to Surrender" dropped as a priority and my speeding ticket reduced to under 30km for extra credit to have the least amount of impact on Insurance. I was wondering if this is reasonable despite not having much going for me?

Thanks in advance for any advice! I really do appreciate it! Sorry for extended details, just didn't want to miss anything that may help me.
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by: argyll on
Tue May 24, 2016 3:57 pm

If you don't ask, you don't get. Any crown I've worked with would drop the fail to surrender to save the hassle of a trial. In regards to the speeding the speed doesn't actually matter to insurance companies so it's just a matter of saving a few bucks on the fine.
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