143Km/h on 401 East of Woodstock ON

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143Km/h on 401 East of Woodstock ON

by: Seefernando on
Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:59 am

So this is my first ticket in 6 years...

Labour day weekend, was going to pick up my cousin to bring him back to Toronto, so we could head to Ottawa.

Traffic was doing 125-130 heading West.

There was a pickup with its tailgate down in front of me, with saw dust flying everywhere.

I merged into the left lane to over take, just before a bridge.

I then get followed by an interceptor, who proceeds to give me a ticket for 43 over, based on Laser from the bridge.

It was a packed highway, so there is the possibility the Laser operator tagged me wrongly?

They were on top of a 2 lane bridge so how could they possibly keep contact with my as I passed under to verify if I was who they tagged?

Would the fact that the Laser operator can't maintain contact with me for the duration I was under the bridge, be a reason to drop the ticket? If I went and measured the sight lines, can I enter that into evidence?

This happened on labour day and I'm mailing the ticket in today.

I've consulted with X-Copper and it would cost about $450 to have them fight it for me. But from what I'm read, they tend to just ask for reductions. I want this dropped. So I'm going to fight it alone. Also unfortunately there is nothing fatal on the ticket.

So when I request disclosure, I should receive statements from both officers correct?

Also how accurate should the time on the ticket be? Should it be for the time the Ticket was issued or the time I was "caught" on Laser?

I did not say anything to the intercepting officer, but she herself mentioned that I should fight the ticket and that she could do nothing to reduce it.

Thanks in advance everyone. This forum is so informative and helpful.

Hope everyone has a good week!

*EDIT* I also speak Tamil as my mother tongue, If I were to request a Tamil interpreter because I "was unable to speak English under duress" would that help me in anyway other than annoy the JP/Prosecutor/Judge?
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by: Stanton on
Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:25 pm

The fact that the laser operator didn't maintain constant sight of your vehicle would not be reason for the Crown to withdraw the charges. It might help raise reasonable doubt, but you'll have to review disclosure to see how strong the evidence is.

In regards to time, it should be the time of the offence. That being said, it doesn't have to be exact. As long as the time is generally close it won't matter if they recorded the time of the stop versus the time they tagged you.

Requesting an interpreter when you don't need one could backfire in a big way. If you were caught, it would take away any credibility you might have in Court.
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