137km/h 401 Cambridge

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137km/h 401 Cambridge

by: SK1124 on
Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:01 pm

Hey all,

So i got a speeding ticket last week for going 137km/h on the 401 towards Windsor. I am a G2 driver. The officer did not reduce it on scene at all. I plan on fighting it, just a couple questions/issues. First of all and most importantly, I have my G test booked for dec and it expires in March/13. The 4 demerit points (which I will likely get reduced atleast to 3) would suspend my license for 30 days (4 in Ontario i believe for G2). Will I be able to get my G with a pending ticket that could potentially lead to a suspension (although it likely wont).

In terms of fighting the ticket, even though i live far i am hesitant to choose to speak to a prosecutor over the phone since I think it would be much harder to make them budge. Now if i choose #2, is there any way I can say something like "i need date on a friday or monday" since I am a student? I'm a bit worried because if its on an exam day im screwed since failure to appear to speak to the prosecutor will result in the charge standing. Or should I be choosing #3?

I've never had any tickets against me in the 5 years I have had my G2. If I am choosing #2 I can mail it next week since I still have 8 days. If #3 I can take it in in person next week as well, so that is not an issue.

Thanks guys
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