135km/h in a 90 zone - What should I do?

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135km/h in a 90 zone - What should I do?

by: mangup on
Sun Jun 26, 2011 8:31 pm

Hey guys,

I need some help?

I got caught speeding yesterday. The cop wrote on the ticket that I was going 135 but I do not believe that I was going that fast. I don't know how he could assume that? Cop cars have some radars on them or something?

What happened was I was driving North, the cop was coming towards me South. As soon as I seen him I slowed down a bit, but i looked on my rear view, and he gave signal to do a U turn, and I knew he was coming after me, so i slowed down, and pulled over. Anyways there were two cops in the car. The one comes to me and tells me you know I was going 135? I said really? I don't think I was going that fast... (Now without a radar I don't know how he would know that) ...So i was nice and everything so I was thinking he was going to let me go. He seemed like a decent cop too, so was hoping to be lucky. He get's all my information and stuff, and before he goes he tells me "You know I'm going to have to give you a ticket" I'm thinking because I stopped, and I wasn't a prick, he was just going to give me a 15km over or something? **EDIT**

What should I do? Do you I have a chance to fight it? My girlfriend was in the car as well so I can use her as a witness to say that I wasn't going that fast. And I don't believe I was. Maybe around 110 yeah, but NOT 135. But I think it makes it worse because it was two cops. What should I do? Which option should i choose to fight this?

Anything at this point is appreciated!

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