Hit And Run - What Should I Do?

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Hit And Run - What Should I Do?

by: cteach124 on

I accidentally scrapped a car when I was parking. I got out of my car to check the damage to both vehicles. The parked car had so scuff marks and paint transfer but it was wiping off. I was panicking and couldn't find anything in my car to leave a note. I left for ten or fifteen minutes to get a pen since I live close by but when I returned the car was gone. As I was panicking I was stupid and didn't get the make or plate from the other car. I went back the next day to look for the car but couldn't find it. Should I still report this to the police even though I don't really have any info to give them? I'm not sure about reporting to the police since I strongly doubt the accident caused more than $1000 or $2000 dollars worth of damage.

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by: Whenaxis on

In this case, don't worry about it and move on.

Things like this happen everyday. It may seem bad to say, but there's really no way of tracing you down or the other car. There are many cars in a parking lot passing by or parking around a vehicle that can cause minor damage, or it could have been the car rubbing against a concrete barrier.

The owner of the other vehicle might just look at it and shake their head, "When did this happen?" and easily fix it with touch-up paint.

No need to report it to the collision reporting centre - doesn't meet the damage threshold as you correctly pointed out.

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