130 IN 100 Km/h -30 DAY SUSPENSION after surrend- PLS HELP!

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130 IN 100 Km/h -30 DAY SUSPENSION after surrend- PLS HELP!

by: DrVic on
Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:34 pm

Hi (apologies in advance for the long post)

I had a G2 ontario license. I moved from ottawa to Prince edward island in july.

on the way, I got a speeding ticket (at quebec) for speeding at 130 in a 100km limit. (Personally, I feel I might have been going at less than 120 only. and I was picked from between 5-6 other cars)

I wanted this to go away quickly, so paid off the fine of CAD 283 in august 2013.

after moving , I surrendered my ontario license and got a PEI license at Service PEI in august.

Today (Feb 2014), I got a letter from service Ontario saying that my Ontario license is suspended for 30 days, as per the escalating penalties for novice drivers/

Now I am confused regarding how to proceed.
1. As my license has already been surrendered in august. Am I ok to drive?

2. Is this suspension applicable to my PEI license? As since august, have been driving with that.

3. This is my first offense. Which I feel is unfair. Now I feel that i should have contested it. But I paid it off quickly. Can I do anything about it?

4. Tried to call up service Ontario. But get an automated response only all the time when it comes to license suspensions. Any help regarding whom to contact.

would appreciate any help regarding the above.

thanks in advance
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