Wrong Ticket Information

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Wrong Ticket Information

by: Sachith Thelge on

So i got a ticket for doing 76 on a 50 road. I was doing 55-58 km/h) but my ticket says i was doing 76km/h. I was just coming out of a corner and my speed was between 55-58 km/h (probably lower) in a completely empty back road and just as i cleared a corner the cop was coming towards me and we only saw each other for 5 secs when he flashed his lights and pulled me over. First he told me i was doing 20km/h over speed limit and took my license and then came back and gave me a ticket saying i was doing 76km/h on a 50km/h road (which is 26km/h over speed....) regardless of this i just cleared a corner there was no way anyone would do 76km/h on a corner..... I wanted to ask to see the radar reading but while i was mid sentence he just cut me off and literally just rushed off to pull over another car... And i got pulled over in Cambridge Ontario (i was exactly at the border of city of Cambridge) but the officer gave me a ticket for city of Guelph and the closest border of Guelph to where i got the ticket is 15 km away (i was in Cambridge and got a ticket for Guelph). i was wondering if i could use this as a fatal error (wrong city) before using the other reasons in court?

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by: Zatota on

The question of speed will likely come down to he-said-he-said. If you want to fight the ticket, request a trial and, when you receive your trial date, request disclosure. That way, you'll see what the officer's notes say.

Sending you to Guelph is not a fatal error. The court of jurisdiction for an offence under the Provincial Offences Act can be either the court in the jurisdiction in which the offence is alleged to have occurred or an adjacent jurisdiction.

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