Wrong Address on Ticket - Resolution/Conviction wrong addres

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Wrong Address on Ticket - Resolution/Conviction wrong addres

by: Fatrick on
Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:19 pm

I was recently given a speeding ticket by the CN Police for going 86 in 60. The officer wrote me a ticket. On the ticket, the address is incorrect, the spelling of the street it happened on is incorrect and he marked the wrong sex (Female instead of Male). Although non-fatal errors, that is 3 on 1 ticket. It would lead me to ask whether he was able to read the radar correctly. With that being said, I opted for early resolution to see what would happen. The documents for the early resolution were sent to the wrong address (76 instead of 74), and subsequently, a conviction notice as I did not attend the resolution due to not receiving the notice. My neighbor just brought me the two envelopes. What can be done about this? I am assuming I can have the conviction overturned and have the right to a trial. Some help would be appreciated.
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