79 in a 50 ticket

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Re: 79 in a 50 ticket

by: igota on
Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:42 pm

Case won.

Completed my 11b application. waited for trial.

On trial date, in the courtroom everyone pretty much pleaded guilty to lesser charges (mostly fines only). 2 people were left. My name was called. Prosecutor informed the judge that they will not be pursuing this matter. Judge asked me if was dropping the motion. I said yes and i was free to go.

Basically followed these steps:
1. Fill out Form 4F x 4

2. Serve attorney General of Ontario/Canada and fill out 16b(affidavit of service). Make copies of fax receipts as proof.

3. At court admin office file 11b. Get ticket for M or other

4. Get the clerk to swear me and sign affidavit

5. Go to prosecutors office (4th floor) to serve them and get stamped

6. Go back to court admin office and serve the court.
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