Speeding... 68 Over School Zone.. By My Dash Cam Say 65...

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Re: Speeding... 68 Over School Zone.. By My Dash Cam Say 65

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Hi guys... I just came back from my Early Resolution Meeting... Long story short... they reduced my ticket from 68 over 50 zone to 60 over 50 zone.

When I arrived, there are 20+ people waiting outside a cubicles in the hall. As soon as the lady came, everyone get up and line up outside the door. She had a Spreadsheet, when it got to my turn. She look over my name, and say she can reduce it from 68 over 50 to 60 over 50 and drop the points.

I didn't even open my mouth or show her any video. Then I said, yes... She ask me wait outside of a little court room.

20 minutes later, a group of people including myself enter the court room. Each one was called up, they read out your name and saying you willing to a lesser charge. I get up; the Judge say you willing to take a lesser charge of speeding @ 60 over a 50 zone, is this correct? I say "YES", then he reply, the fine is $30, do you wanted to pay it today or later day. I said today... He gave me a white from and tell me go down to first floor to pay the fine.

I went down-stair get a number... again waited there another 20 minutes. After surcharge and the fine, the ticket came to $45. I pay, and get out. Total process took about an hour.

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