A speeding traffic ticket is subject to section 128 of the Highway Traffic Act.
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Quebec Ticket

by: ricosuave on

Sorry, I know this may be out of scope for this forum but there is a lot of knowledge here so I thought I might try to tap it.

Im an Ontarian and was in Montreal recently on the Ville Marie (a 3-lane highway) I was doing 120k and when the guy zipped me with a lidar gun I was shocked to learn that the speed limit was 70 (I thought it was 100 because everybody is going 110). The ticket was get this $720 plus 10 POINTS!!! Ouch!!! Since I was an Anglo with Ontario plates no break not 1 fin click off.

Annnnyway, I hired a traffic lawyer to help me negotiate a deal and he FORGOT TO FILE ANY PAPERS I faxed it to him and he said, "I should have followed up with him" WTF!?!?

So after giving him a blast of s**t he said he would see what he could do but I totally dont trust the guy know if hes that much of a tard.

I know in Ontario you can get the verdict set aside anybody know about Quebec and how to go about it?



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by: hwybear on

if any...good news....it is 10 points for an Quebec driver.....Ontario applies it as a conviction "50km/hr over the posted speed limit" which is 6 points. See, just saved you 4 points, probably not what you wanted to hear.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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