Manitoba Car/license - Speeding Ticket Of 25 Kph Over

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Manitoba Car/license - Speeding Ticket Of 25 Kph Over

by: michaelgreaves on

Hey guys,

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I am a student living in Toronto but my car, license and registration are all from Manitoba.

I plan to move and work in Toronto permanently in about one year.

I just got a ticket on avenue road going 75 in a 50 zone.

They cop gave me a 3 pts and $125 fine.

What is my best course of action? I already set a court date. The cop even said that if I speak to a prosecutor - they would likely reduce my pts to zero. I was in a rush to get to my exam at the u of T. I heard that even if I get no pts - my insurance will still go up?

Does it matter that I don't have an Ontario license?

Please help!

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by: Radar Identified on

The ticket information will be sent back to Manitoba, so they'll find out about it, and then when you apply for an Ontario license the infraction will be transferred to your record here. Whether or not your rates go up depends on your insurance provider. (Are you still using insurance from Manitoba?)

Basically any speeding ticket can be used to raise your rates, but some insurance companies will forgive one or two tickets for 15 over the limit.

Setting a court date is a good idea. It gives you options. You can plea-bargain to a lesser speed, see if the officer shows up, or other things. If they'll be kind enough, you can even try to plead for a municipal by-law infraction, which results in no driving conviction. You can even call the Prosecutor's office in advance of the trial and arrange for a meeting.

Based on the fact that you're currently a student, I'd imagine you don't have a tremendous amount of free time on your hands, but if you really want to see if you can fight this all the way, start off by making a disclosure request, and check out this thread that was put together by one of our members. It's the most comprehensive effort by anyone to fight a ticket:

Neo333 did a lot of solid work on that one.

You have to decide what course of action is best for you. Good luck!

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