Expired License/sticker/speeding - I'm An Idiot

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Expired License/sticker/speeding - I'm An Idiot

by: Argonaut on

So, to lead off, I'm an idiot.

My birthday was early June and my sticker and license both expired. Wouldn't have been a problem, I would likely have figured it out shortly, but... I got tagged for speeding 7 days later.

He was stopped on the right side of the road on the shoulder. He must have been using rear facing radar so likely he had it on to warn him. Yes, he's supposed to "witness" it with his own eyes and use the radar to confirm but we all know how that holds up in court. "Yep, saw him, yep used radar to confirm".

Anywho... I knew I was speeding although I wasn't sure if i'd tapped over 90 in the 60, usually I'll float at 19 or 20 over in a 60 to be safe. Before I get to him brake lights, flashers. Driving the Stealth Charger with almost zero ID other than the very faint "Police" logo on the side. He hits my window and I've got it all ready. Cars off, musics off, sunglasses off, DL/Ins/Ownership ready. He tells me he got me for speeding, 91 in a 60 and that my sticker is expired. At which point i swear and remember I'd just had my birthday. Surprise!

Then he says "The worst part is, your license is expired as well...". Now this completely blindsides me and my language may have reflected it. Not at him, he got that. He heads for the cruiser does his thing and comes back.

The usual spiel, this speed... this charge... these many demerits. Sum it all up he lets the sticker ticket slide, drops the 31 over to 15 over and dings me for the License. $325 for the big one, $52 for the little one. I leave the car at the side of the road, wife drives me to MTO, get everything set and go back to get my car.

I know the license is a non-issue, I'll have to pay and deal at some point. My question is this, if I set this for trial to delay the conviction and the fine payment, is there a chance the Prosecutor deals down a bit? I can't go to trial, I have zero defense on the license and the JoP will laugh me out of the court. I'm really just looking at a possible reduction of fine and to delay having to pay it.

I think selecting Option 2: Early Resolution, Meet with Prosecutor will accomplish some of the same goals but that's not a plea of guilty is it?

Thanks for the forthcoming, potentially helpful, and probably humorous advice!

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by: daggx on

I would book the ticket for trial, that in itself will give you extra time to save up some money. On your trial date talk to the prosecutor and see if they are willing to offer you a deal. They may offer something or they may say that you already got a break from the officer and offer nothing, you won't know unless you ask. If they offer nothing and the officer is there for your court date, you can plead guilty and explain your financial situation to the JP, most likely they will extend the payment deadline to give you extra time to come up with the money.

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