Importing Car From Manitoba To Ontario, Questions

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Importing Car From Manitoba To Ontario, Questions

by: forevergone on

Been toying around with the idea of getting an Integra Type R. It has a bit of an extensive history according to the carproof, lots of renewal, spent its life in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It was written off for hail damage but then re-registered, I'm guessing as a salvage title. The current seller says that it's not recognized as a salvage title in Manitoba, albeit I don't know how truthful that is. If I were to import this vehicle to Ontario, will it be branded as a salvage title?

Carproof: ... 1477555214

The car in question: ... nFlag=true
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by: aminhamza95 on

Most likely will be a salvage/rebuilt title.

Just my 2 cents, stay away from that car. The Carproof shows that it was involved in 3 collisions within 2 years and 5 collisions in its lifetime. Also, an odometer reading was given to the ministry in 2007 at 140K and then nothing until 2016 when it was recorded at 153K. In between that, the car was registered and insured every year with 1 collision and 2 total losses to hail.

If that car was only driven 13K in 9 years, it better have been garage stored. But if it was, it wouldn't have 2 claims against it for a total loss to hail. The history of this car is not only brutal, but also somewhat sketchy.

The ITRs are amazing cars and the last thing you want to do is buy a lemon. If you really want a nice, original Type R, import a RHD one from Japan. Those are true JDM :P

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