Got 4 Tickets(speeding, License , Permit And Vehicle Validation)

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Got 4 Tickets(speeding, License , Permit And Vehicle Validation)

by: Vijaygct59 on


I was caught recently by traffic police for speeding.Officer mentioned I was driving at 70km/h in 50 speed limit area.

He asked to my provide driving license and only then I realised I missed my wallet at home.My license and Vehicle permit was in my wallet and was not able to produce that to officers.I had photocopies and digital copy(from mobile) and provided that.But he was not willing to see that.

Then he noticed that my vehicle validation was fixed in the front and not in rear plate.Mine was leased vehicle and leasing company affixed that sticker.I am new to Canada and was not aware only commercial vehicles can fix in front plate.

Officer totally gave me 4 tickets(Speeding,fail to surrender license,fail to surrender permit,vehicle validation improperly fixed)

I tried to convince him for license,permit and validation tickets but he requested to take the originals and plead guilty to prosecutor.for speeding since it was a slope he reduced the speed to 60 and provided me the ticket.

I am fine with accepting my speeding since it was a mistake.I would like to know what are the chances for withdrawing remaining 3 tickets.

Also how the insurance will impact for the 3 tickets.

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by: bend on

You're required to surrender your government issued license on demand. The Highway Traffic Act does not list a copy as a suitable replacement.

As for the permit, the Highway Traffic Act states you have to provide "the permit for it or a true copy. So what exactly is a true copy? It depends how it's defined. I don't know the exact answer, but I'd imagine simply photocopying or providing a picture would not be sufficient. It's a government issued paper with a signature. Anything short of having it notarized is probably not acceptable. Even then, who knows. Maybe someone else can give you an exact answer.

"Commercial vehicle plates" are a little more confusing. If you're new to Canada, don't feel so bad. I think the average person born here isn't even quite sure what this means. Most assume it has to do with whether the vehicle is registered through a business or it's personal. In reality, it has to do with the type of vehicle. If you own a pickup truck for example, you'll likely receive black lettered commercial plates. If you do, the sticker is to be attached on the front of the vehicle, not the back. Regardless of who put the sticker where, you are responsible because you're driving. You can borrow a friends car just to drive down the street and you'd still be responsible.

I don't know how much they are going to be able to work with you. Your speeding ticket has also been reduced.

As for how your insurance will react to your tickets, they are all minor offenses. The problem is you currently have four of them pending. You run the risk of being kicked off your current policy and looking for "high risk" insurance.

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