Permit Use Of Plate Not Authorized For Vehicle, 12(1)(d), $140.00

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Permit Use Of Plate Not Authorized For Vehicle, 12(1)(d), $140.00

by: petros444 on

I have a rare situation that I couldn't find on the forum.

Two days ago I bought a used car, fully insured, registered in my name. When it came time to install license plates, I accidentally physically installed the wrong set - I have two sets of plates in my garage :oops:.

The "wrong" plates are registered in my name, however, not registered to the used vehicle. I even installed the license plate sticker to the incorrect plates by accident, honest mistake.

The used vehicle is registered in my name, fully insured, drivers license in good standing. I wasn't speeding, the police officer was driving behind me and simply pulled me over because my plates weren't matching the car in his system. He told me that he didn't think I was doing anything dishonest or "sketchy" but it's his job to issue me the following ticket Permit use of plate not authorized for vehicle, 12(1)(d), $140.00. and that I should go to court.

In your opinions, do you believe the court will drop the charges based on it being an honest mistake :?: ? As evidence, I can bring the ownership portions for both plates, the vehicle ownership, vehicle insurance.


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