Got Caught Speeding - Best Option To Move Forward?

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Got Caught Speeding - Best Option To Move Forward?

by: geodude on

Title says it all.

I was speeding on Hwy. 400 and got caught. It's a posted 100 zone, and according to the officer the radar gun said 31 over. He gave me a break and marked it as 29 over (lower fine, fewer points).

My goal is to minimize the impact on my insurance. Is it worth it to go to trial (Option 3). I don't really have a defense, I was speeding and the speed sounds plausible (I hit my brakes when I saw the radar trap. Too late, but I didn't note my speed before I slowed). I was trying to pass some slower traffic, but I am well aware that isn't a valid excuse

Is it possible/likely that I can make a agreement with a prosecutor (or some sort of early resolution) to plea guilty to 15 over? A quick google search is all over the place on how this is will impact my premium

The is my first speeding ticket ever, so I really don't know what to expect

Also on a slightly related note, I reflected on my actions and realized going 130 was dumb. Good chance of getting pulled over while not saving much time. Won't be doing that again

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by: bend on

Impact on insurance is going to be the same whether its 15, 29, or 31.

Insurance providers don't calculate per km. It's all the same until you hit 50+.

They also don't care about points. Only the ministry uses points. Unless you're still a novice driver without a full license, points really don't matter all that much to begin with. They're mostly meaningless.

Insurance providers throw all offenses in three different brackets, "minor", "major", and "serious."

Speeding 1-49 would fall under "minor," 1-49 in a certain zone would be "major," and 50+ would be "serious."

Now that's all out of the way, it makes your decision making more clear.

A conviction of anything less than 50 is going to be treated the same. You will get an initial relief from the fine amount, but that's it.

If your goal is to minimize the impact on your insurance, you will have to request a trial and go from there.

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