First Speeding Ticket - What Is The Best Option?

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First Speeding Ticket - What Is The Best Option?

by: mtor91 on

Got my first ticket after 10 years of driving yesterday - 21km over - went 61 passing Through a 40km area (school) in Toronto on Avenue road.

I’m thinking option 2 - see what the prosecutor can offer in terms of a deal then go to trial and hope the cop doesn’t show up. If he does I’ll take whatever deal and not fight it.

Or would it make more sense to do option 3 and go right to trial and hope the officer no shows ? I’ve read that this method has sometimes resulted in the offender not having the ability to speak with the prosecutor which obviously worries me.

Also - if I take option 2 and they offer a deal - is that deal on the table should I choose a trial?

Any recommendations are much appreciated!

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by: highwaystar on

It all depends on what you are willing to accept. If you think they are just going to drop it---forget it (especially since its in a school zone). If you would be happy with a 15 over charge (no points) then it may be useful to choose option 2 and speak with them. If its truly your first ticket ever, I'm surprised the officer didn't just reduce it at roadside already, but suspect the prosecutor will likely do so at an Early Resolution meeting since you haven't wasted anyone's time in preparing for trial. The chances won't get any better for such an offer on a trial date.

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