Early Resolution Notice Despite Requesting Trial

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Early Resolution Notice Despite Requesting Trial

by: ben123 on


Has this happened to anyone else? I requested trial on the speeding ticket. I received an early resolution notice by mail. Is this normal. Is it indicative of anything. Am I to read into it? Should I be requesting disclosure at this stage or wait until I receive a trial date? If I don't request disclosure now, is it to my disadvantage (i.e. clock doesn't start ticking)? What would be the best strategy; worst strategy. Ticket was reduced by the officer to 10km/hr over, but can't afford to have this.

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by: ck811 on

You had your ticket already reduced to 10kph over. I'm not going to look it up, but I'm sure the fine is less than $50 and the demerit points are zero. I would be very surprised if you get it reduced further or withdrawn at early resolution or on day of trial. If you choose to proceed to trial, the crown will present evidence of your actual speed and, if convicted, you will be fined accordingly, along with the appropriate demerit points, if applicable. If you really can't afford it, don't speed.

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by: vladmtf on

Early resolution notice is a standard procedure. If you requested trial, you can ignore it, and you will get trial date in mail. But even when you come for trial, you will start with early resolution meeting. Prosecutor will only look at your driving record and offence, most probably he will offer you the same 10 km/h reduction, that's it. If you don't agree, you can go to trial. But if officer is present, your chances to win is zero. You can request disclosure at any moment now.

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