Commercial CVOR NSC checked, personal vehicle

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Commercial CVOR NSC checked, personal vehicle

by: HwS on
Mon May 21, 2012 9:23 pm

I was awarded an 82 in a 60 today in my personal vehicle (Jeep Wrangler). I have an ACZ license.

The Commercial, CVOR, and NSC boxes are checked. No CVOR No. was filled out. I've never had a CVOR. I'm worried that this ticket may affect my license if I decide to apply for a CVOR.

The Municipality of my home address was filled out incorrectly.

Will this ticket affect my commercial driver's license? Is any of this enough to invalidate the ticket?

Usually officers are friendly enough to drop the ticket to 15 over to avoid demerit points on account of my license class. This officer was not impressed by my pulling into the parking lot 70 feet ahead of where she flashed her lights. I should have pulled over on the busy road in the middle of town. Other officers have thanked me for pulling into parking lots or field entrances.

-- Thanks
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