Changing Plea?

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Changing Plea?

by: Will_power27 on


So way back in may 2012, I got a speeding fine for going 86 in a 60 zone, and was fined about $100 for it. Since it was a large amount, and I was worried about the demerit points I decided to just plead not guilty, and see what happened. When I got the trial date, it was set for Feb 11, which I figured was nice as it would reduce the chances of the officer showing in court... Unfortunately I just got my exam schedule for my uni classes, and of course I have an exam on the same day at the exact same time. I thought I would just contact the prosecutor and see what he had to say as I have heard in many cases they reduce the fine. However my prosecutor seemed really uninterested in rhe whole thing, and told me that my best bet was to change the date of the trial. Since I am going to be in school almost constantly for the next four years I was considering just pleading guilty and getting this over with. I have been driving for 5 years with no fines and figure one ticket isn't that bad. I was wondering how changing my plea would work. I understand I have to see the clerk at the courthouse, but do they just pull up my case and change the plea? Or will I have to talk to someone about it? And is there any chance that this will increase my fine?


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by: tdottopcop on

If you don't show up for your trial, you'll be found guilty and a conviction will be registered with the fine shown on the ticket you received. It will not be raised.

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by: Stanton on

Actually, if you request a trial and fail to attend, you have to pay additional court costs. It's a minimal amount (I believe $5) but still slightly cheaper to deal with it before your trial day.

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by: daggx on

Also have you talked to your school to see if they can schedule you a make up exam? If you bring them the notice of trial they may be willing to give you your exam on a different day.

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