109 in 80 Zone - Insurance Question

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109 in 80 Zone - Insurance Question

by: Cupidoman on
Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:53 pm


I have a quick question regarding a speeding ticket that I received last Monday on Hwy 6 in Haldimand County. I was driving my parent's car and showed the officer their insurance slip. I have my own car and own insurance, but didn't drive my own car that day. Will the 3 demerit points show up on my insurance or not?

I got a speeding ticket about 5 months ago for 3 demerit points, but was driving my own car and showed my own insurance slip.

The ticket was not Reduced, though it looks as though it was based on the speed. I'm probably going to go to court in Cayuga on Monday to plea guilty to a lesser charge. It has worked in the past. The points will stay on, but I hopefully won't be stuck with a $138 ticket.

Thanks for your help.
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by: Radar Identified on
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Cupidoman wrote:Will the 3 demerit points show up on my insurance or not?
The offence itself is what insurance companies are concerned about. Demerit points are an internal MTO administrative thing and the insurance companies really don't care too much about them, unless they result in a licence suspension. Any convictions (and points, for MTO) go on your driving record specifically - it doesn't matter what vehicle you're driving. Your insurance company would find out about it regardless.

Pleading guilty to a lesser offence of 15 km/h over the limit would give you 0 demerit points this time. But your insurance company would very likely raise your rates, because it would be your second conviction on your driver record.
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