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Heart Pacemaker Devices. - Insurance Question

by: bobajob on

Hey guy's,

Continuing from my last post a while ago.

Simply put, if I have (which I don't as yet) have a "defib device implanted"

that is a device which does nothing, except detects if your having a heart attack and only then shocks. So not a pacemaker and simply a passive device

Do I need to tell my insurance company and if I do would they put premiums up and or suspend me while they get a doc's report.

I'm worried about even approaching them incase the make a note on my records.

I "believe" the doctor doesn't report me, UNLESS I'm not following treatment or I am at serious health issue or bad ECG's which I'm doing very well on.

I don't know if they will report that I have had the operation, a sources say they don't.

txs all

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