Timeline for first summons? I have a paralegal hired.

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Timeline for first summons? I have a paralegal hired.

by: xone:92 on
Fri Feb 28, 2014 3:51 pm

Thanks to this forum ive taken in alot of advice.

I got pulled over, and found out that my license was suspended. I had no idea as I hadn't received a notification. It is my first summons, and I only have one speeding ticket on my record (80 in a 60)

As per the advice on this forum, I hired a traffic ticket service to represent me. I have paid off all fines and reinstated my license (much to the dismay of my credit card)

I require a drivers license for my job, and livelihood. If my license is revoked I have my back against the wall.

I was quoted 2-6 months for this process. Is it usually this long? My biggest concern is ensuring that I don't get my license suspended. With a fine, I can work weekends and take care of it that way. Without a car, I have no means to make money.

does anyone have advice, or past experience for this situation?


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by: Stanton on
Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:34 pm

The process will typically take a few months, longer if you go to trial versus working out a plea deal. Your only hope of avoiding the suspension is to either be found not guilty or have your representative work out a deal to a lesser offence.

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