Question Regarding Suspended Liscense.

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Question Regarding Suspended Liscense.

by: bourgoin on
Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:45 pm

A couple months ago my husband and i were driving up to Alberta as we were in the process of relocating for jobs. Well, we got stopped just near the Ontario boarder for going too fast. Although we were picking up speed because we were going down a hill to go up a huge hill in our little Pontiac Wave. Anyways, we had alot going on and we totally forgot all about the ticket. So my husband recieved a letter in the mail 2 weeks ago saying his lisence is suspended. *note we are back in ontario now living here..and this question is about an ontario based liscense.*

I went yesterday and paid the ticket which was $120 as well as the $150 Lisecence reinstatement fee. Now does he have to wait 4 days after i paid to to begin driving again? This is really affecting us as we had to ask a family memeber to come down and drive him to and from work as we do not live in walking distance from work. I also do not drive as i have never bothered to go and get a liscense which i think i will be doing after everything is all said and done.

The reason i am asking is because the family member has basically put her life on hold just to help us out, and she has to go home as soon as she can as she has things that she needs to attend to back in the town she lives in.. So therefore the question i have is when can he drive?

I paid it yesterday, so 4 days from then would be Monday? Considering they are going by Buisness days. If not then it would be Saturday right? Please someone help, also do you know if there is anything like a rule in the traffic law book or something to better outline this for me.
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