driving while under suspention

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driving while under suspention

by: roy67 on
Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:52 pm

On Friday night Dec 9th in Trenton On. i was taking a friend home from work. I obsevered a police car behind me while i turned left then right. He turned the lights on while i was dropping my friend off. He came up to the car i asked what the problem ws he said no real problem just your car is registered as black but you have a blue trunk lid. he then asked for licence and reg. and insurance. he came back and informed me my licence was under suspention. this i did not know then realized that my speeding ticket had not ben paid. also noticed my address was wrong on my licence so also gave me a summons to appear for fail to notify change of address. i contacted points. They told me i could be looking at jail time. This is my first offence in traffic court my driving record has that 1 speeding ticket my last ticket was over 7 years ago I went and paid the ticket Monday morning and paid my reinstatement today. life happined and i forgot to do a couple things so now i can go to jail for having a bad memory damn i forget my own birthday I am on odsp i am willing to pay a fine but not jail or another 6 month suspenstion i didn't do it on purpose i didn't know
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by: Stanton on
Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:24 pm

Not sure why you did a double post on this.

If your record is clean, request a first attendance meeting with the Crown. They may offer you a plea deal to a lesser offence such as drive motor vehicle no licence. Jail time is technically possible, but I've never seen it given out until a third or fourth suspended driving conviction. Unfortunately the fact that you simply forgot isn't much of a defence. If the Crown is unwilling to offer a deal, then representation may be worth the money.
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