Accident While Suspended

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Accident While Suspended

by: Sacrificeangels on

My problem is a bit complicated so i will do my best to outline all the issues i have, So recently i was involved in a motor vehicle accident when i was clipped by an older lady while waiting for her to pass. She drove threw a merge lane to get into a turning lane. So i went about the normal procedures of pulling to the side of the road and making sure she was alright and we were both safe. Side note she was driving an enterprise rental bec she totaled her other car 3 days earlier. We then both headed to the Collision Reporting station at the police station and tried to fill out our reports when it came time for me to be processed they informed me my drivers licence was suspended to which i had no idea of. I was told a police officer had to take over at this point. I waited at the station for over an hour then was sent home. The next day i went to the Service ontario station to find out what was going on and all they had in the system was two months prior my licence was suspended and i had to pay 198$ fee, i had moved 3 times in the past couple months so i didnt receive the notice of suspension, So i pushed her to inquire further as to why. She came back and told me i had to call an insurance company regarding a judgement on myself, which was why my licence was suspended. When i called this insurance company they told me it was bec my Ex-wife was involved in an accident with my car so i had to pay the damages she caused bec i was named as the owner of the vehicle and she refused to provide insurance at the accident. So i made arrangements to pay him a portion to have my suspension lifted and within 24hrs of the accident he did so. I then spent the next week going to the station to get an accident report filled out and trying to get in touch with an officer to have this done. I was unable to do so, so i made arrangements to drop off my insurance ownership and drivers licence and have them photocopied for an officer. I then checked back for a week and heard nothing. Now today while i was at work my fiance was approached by officers at our house and i now have a court summons for this accident and have to call to make arrangements to get this paper. This was 28 days after the accident. I'm at a loss at the moment and the implications that are facing me and my fiance at this point, this seems like every bad thing that could go wrong for me to lead to this point. I'm searching for clarity for both of us, in this mess and hopefully find some kind of path to resolution whilst not destroying us both mentally and financially.

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