Accident with uninsured car

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Accident with uninsured car

by: rohi on
Sun Nov 24, 2013 5:28 pm


I am so stressed and seeking some help;

I have an old car which I always had insurance on, 5 days ago I bought a new car and requested my insurance company to transfer my insurance to the new car which they did (5 days ago). but I was under the impression that i paid for my insurance for current month on old car so it would be insured. 3 days ago I got into a car accident in my old car while taking a left turn and other car got damages. I was taken to hospital and officer found my insurance card from my car. when he came to hospital and showed me the insurance slip he found in my car I said it may not be valid. because I was not sure that insurance was transferred or still in process or I still have insurance on both cars. I was not sure at that time. he gave me summons for having no insurance.

Now I am so worried about the fine and conviction for having no insurance (although I had valid insurance policy just that vehicle was taken of from insurance 2 days ago).
second I want to know what will happen to the damages of the car? I did not call my insurance yet about incident as they told me that this car was taken of the insurance when new car was added.

Please help and advice me, as I am single mother and very much worried about the fine and insurance rates going up.
I never drove without the car insurance, it was just the confusion that created this mess.
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by: Stanton on
Sun Nov 24, 2013 6:18 pm

Contact your provider and verify if you still have coverage on your old vehicle or not. If you asked them to transfer the policy, my guess is no.

If you are uninsured, theres not really much to argue in Court. You need to demonstrate at the very least that you reasonably believed the vehicle was insured. Even if the mistake was an honest one, I dont think you could demonstrate that you took due care in coming to this belief.

You may want to consult with a paralegal, etc. to see if they have any suggestions or a possible defence. While their rates can be steep, youre facing a minimum $5,000 fine and a conviction would cause your insurance rates to skyrocket.
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