Dangerous driving charge

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Dangerous driving charge

by: Imessedup137 on
Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:29 pm

I got a dangerous driving ticket the cop said I was going 100km on 60 km but I was going 80 km on a 60 km( not saying that's good...) and the cop said I was driving crossing the line of the incoming traffic line but I wasnt .would the cop have to get a statement from someone to prove that,i didn't get into any accidents or disobey any traffic lights or signs I made one turn but slowed right down and didn't turn out of the lines I was still in the proper lane when I did turn the cop was further down the road behind me he was following me for about 4 minutes ,I turned into. Mall parking not speeding crazy or anything because parked cars i then parked and started to run with two friends I was with .we were in the middle section Of parked and we all spread out I ran to the lower floor of parkade and dropped my key out of my pocket 5 minuter later I get tackled and arrested by cops I then got dangerous driving ticket and breached my condition of keeping the peace.is there anyway I can fight this charge ? Would they have to give a detailed discription of who was driving the cari was arrested not near my car and didn't have the key in my position.
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by: daggx on
Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:03 pm

Dangerous driving isn't a Highway Traffic Act ticket but a Criminal Code charge. The document you were handed isn't a ticket but more likely an Appearance Notice with a court date to appear in criminal court. Since most of us here aren't very familiar with Criminal Code charges and the results of a conviction can be very serious I think the best thing for you will be to get the advice of a lawyer. Since you have the Dangerous Driving and the breach of conditions charge you might be able to qualify for legal aid, if money is an issue. http://www.legalaid.on.ca/en/getting/el ... harges.asp
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by: bend on
Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:48 am

Passing Thru wrote:Hmmm..... sounds to me like there is more to this story. Is it possible that when you were running, you were running from the police? It seems odd that you would be charge for dangerous driving based on what you wrote.
He answers this in another thread...
Imessedup137 wrote:...by the way when I pulled over I pulled over in a mall parking lot and got out and ran cause I wanted to make it to a store before it closed.. I didn't cause no accident I didn't disobey anY lights or signs?
Seems legit.
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