Summoned To Court With Serious 3 Charges

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Summoned To Court With Serious 3 Charges

by: cody123 on

I can appreciate anyone's help but here's what happened

I only have my G1 and no issuance, I rear ended someone, his rear bumper was slightly damaged nothing serious. my car was more damaged. he came out and said wtf and wanted to see my license and said pull over. I panicked cause i didn't have a g2 and was afraid of calling my parents and telling them i crashed. they had no idea i took the car out. So i drove away and went home, not knowing what to do. Cops found and came to my house. they asked me questions i answered them cooperatively. In the end i was charged with 1) careless driving 2) failed to remain and 3) g1 driver with no accompanying license driver. They told me i had to go to court or would be arrested. i know i pretty much *EDIT* up and made the worst decision of leaving the scene of accident but i panicked and was not thinking straight.

What should i do and what are my options. I'm a good kid who just made a dumb decision, have no record at all. what potential fines/penalties/charges can I face and is there anyway i can get any of them dropped?

Please help and advise.

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by: argyll on

These are serious charges with the potential to prevent you driving for a long long time (suspension followed by prohibitive insurance rates). I'd suggest formal legal advice and they can work through downgrading of or reduction to the charges. This is too serious for you to handle on your own with anonymous internet help.

Former Ontario Police Officer. Advice will become less relevant as the time goes by !
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by: bend on

The charges aren't going away. Your goal will be to walk out with the least amount of damage possible knowing full well the charges aren't going to disappear. You'll need to find someone to represent you who will do all the talking.

Careless Driving - Mandatory $400-$2000 fine, possibility of up to 6 months in jail, mandatory 6 demerit points, possible suspension up to 2 years.

Fail to Remain - Mandatory $400-$2000 fine, possibility of up to 6 months in jail, mandatory 7 demerit points, possible suspension up to 2 years.

G1 without Accompanying Driver - I believe it's a 30 day suspension along with a fine I couldn't tell you the exact amount of.

Novice Driver Escalating Sanctions- You're considered a novice driver. If you're convicted of all three of these charges, your license will be cancelled. You have two charges carrying 4 or more demerit points and one charge that violates your driving restrictions. First offense carries a 30 day suspension, Second offense is 90 days, Third offense is cancellation. Start from scratch. No credit for time already spent in G1.

Any insurance coverage on the vehicle is considered void since you aren't lawfully allowed to operate a vehicle by yourself.

Go find a professional.

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by: Halsy on

You won't go to jail, but you can forget driving for the next 5 years - and that's more due to what your insurance would cost you rather than what a judge will impose. Never forget that a ticket isn't just the cost of the ticket, it affects your insurance too. Even a simple speeding ticket will increase your insurance $1000 per year for 3 years. So $3000 plus the ticket itself is pretty damn expensive. That's why it's important to fight your tickets. And in your case these charges are far too serious to represent yourself or even a paralegal. Get a lawyer.

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