worried for charges

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worried for charges

by: nnt on
Wed Jul 16, 2014 9:50 am

Hi All,

First time got pulled over and issued summons. I really need your wisdom here:

1) If I have the ownership card show the plate register for the vehicle, is it enough to beat "Plate not authorized for the vehicle"? Will the police say "Yes, the plate is register for the vehicle, but the vehicle is not the same one you drove at that day?" How can I prove then. Will crown need to prove what vehicle the license plate register for?

2) I told police I bought the car, but I also told him the car is not mine because no "Bill of Sale" and the transaction haven't been finished yet. Since I can't present the ownership, police issue a summon to me as the owner. Later on, I found the ownership listed I am not the owner. My question is, base on what I said and ownership card, who is the owner?

Thanks you all !
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by: pirish on
Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:30 pm

As the Driver your responsible.. .regardless if your not the owner... Ie... you borrow a buddies car and they stop and search it.. find drugs.. your charged not your buddy...
Another example (more fitting here) eons ago I borrowed a friends car... got pulled over because the Place was expired (I didn't know)... I got the ticket (and the charge for possession of stolen property) because my buddy took a validation sticker from another car and put it on the one I was borrowing...

Took awhile to fight but eventually got everything dropped..
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