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Crown Vics/chargers/tahoe's

by: tdrive2 on

Hey i always wondered why the OPP like Tahoe's for.

One time i even saw a marked f250 wouldn't that be dangerous and such a big thing to maneuver around to catch speeders going 130 + etc.

I read on another forum they are gonna phase out the crown vics in 2011.

Actually recently peel has gone back to the crown vic's. They don't seem happy with the chargers i guess.

I have talked to other LEO's in local forces and they told me the chargers are to small for big officers, especially in the winter with coat, gear, etc.

Are those chargers V6 or V8? I heard they had transmission problems and the brakes went all the time.

I don't see many new charges in peel now all the cars with the new paint jobs seem to be the Impala's and the Vic's.

Most other forces seem to stick to the crown vics.

One time on the 401 i had seen a black charger he had lights in the rear view mirror it was an undercover.

Are the OPP using chargers? I know they had one for their 50th anniversary but i heard this was just a special occasion?

Perhaps OPP detachments buy them but the HSD's seem to stay with the vics? It was rumored OPP were testing them but i guess they weren't impressed with them?

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by: hwybear on

Tahoes: unlike the 150k service length on crwn vic, impala, chg.....Tahoe is supposed to be going to get 200-250k before it cost effective replacement costs.....but that is yet to be seen

Tahoe offers lots of room for officers gear, general equipment in the car, and can be used by officers big and small. Tahoe is lowered 6 inches from a typical civilian Tahoe to prevent rollover on curves at higher speeds. Plus all the additional heavy duty stuff. Rear wheel drive!!

Chargers: OPP is V6, some forces do get the Hemi V8. From personal experience it is good as a one person car for room. Even without a cage the visibility was terrible. The front headliner is too low, the "B" and "C" pillars make huge blinds spots to the sides and rear. The short windows also diminish visibility. I can not imagine a cage in that thing. V6 had plenty of power. Have never heard of braking/tranny problems. Rear wheel drive.

Impala: Front wheel drive can just not take the pounding and lots of front end work. Had braking issues in the past (got too hot and warped rotors) but don't know about the design now (4 yrs later)

Crown Vic: Still the best one around, lots of room, plus is only vehicle in North America that is designed to withstand impacts up to 130km/hr to the rear and protect the driver....(parked on shoulder rear impacts). Full size allows officers of all sizes to operate, lots of room for gear. Rear wheel drive.

F250 is not used actively for traffic enforcement. There is a couple of those that do have radar (rear antenna) and they there doors blown off on the 401....good thing for going forward in a straight line!!

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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by: Squishy on

The OPP doesn't get at least a few 4x4 Tahoes? It still uses P-metric tires, so winter tires are available - put those two together and you have a great cruiser for bad winter conditions. I'm not saying the OPP should try to pull cars out of ditches, but outside of a city, there are just some roads where a 4x2 can't go. (And I've been stuck in one!) :x

Aside from the wear and tear on the Impalas, do they have a bad turning radius as well? I drove a Town Car before and found the turning radius incredible for U-turns - I'm guessing it is mostly because there is no CV joint up front to limit how much the wheels can turn.

Do you know if any of the other "police package" vehicles offer ballistic door panels? Does the OPP even order the Crown Vics with that?

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by: Radar Identified on

As for replacing the Crown Vics, I heard the new traffic enforcement vehicles were going to consist of a mix of Porsche 911s and Ferrari F-40s. The Cessna 206 currently in use for aerial surveillance will be replaced by a Bombardier Global Express jet retrofitted with modified AWACS capable of detecting speeding vehicles up to 300 kilometres away, FLIR, and 360-degree sweep Doppler radar with an oscilloscope to display and locate all vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit within range of the aircraft. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


Okay not really...

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by: tdrive2 on

Those Tahoe look really cool i like them.

The crown vics are the best i must agree.

Is that for real they mean 130 km/hr rear end crash with the officer sitting still?

Thats perfect for you guys. Considering in GTA tons of motorists go that speed already i would demand the safety.

Are the highway safety divisions even using Chargers.?

Does the division choose the vehicles or they get them from some sorta head office.

All the ones around the GTA use Crown Vic's and i have seen Tahoe's. One time i saw an F250 he was facing traffic must have been using hand held laser. This was not in GTA though, but was a highway safety division.

I usually see the Tahoe's at accidents along big expressway's 3+ lanes.

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