My day in court in Niagara.....

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My day in court in Niagara.....

by: ponyboyt on
Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:28 am

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Declined 2 very nice offers from the crown... offered to drop one ticket and pay a $40 fine. Wasn't interested. Mentioned i would be filing motions for charter breaches and he did not like that.... sooooo

I asked for an adjournment. When asked why i stated i was not prepared, because i have no clue wat im doing as i dont do this for a living. The crown has ad exactly 6 months to the day to prepare and i have only had 12 days.

Adjournment granted, new court date August 17th. JP made it clear this adjournment was my doing and i assured him i was not interested in filing for 11b.

So now, i need to "file motions" for charter breaches and to have evidence excluded for trial. Crown had no interest in giving me information on how to do so. How the heck do i "file a motion"? I am under the impression i need to inform him that i am doing so but he wanted to hear none of it.

Also he said he had 2 witnesses and i stated i only was aware of one witness because disclosier had notes from only one officer. He said he did not need to provide notes from any other officer's and the JP said i could request more information for disclosier and the crown would provide it "IF IT IS RELEVANT".

Well if he does not think something is relevant but i do believe it is relevant then what? For example i want statement from 2 other officer's who were present? I want to know what they have to say? Should igo through the police station to request information? Perhaps recordings of radio communications?
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