Suummons For No Insurance

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Suummons For No Insurance

by: N_Tpo on

So, my insurance was not renewed at the anniversary date and I forgot about it because I changed my address and it was sent to the old house.

Was pulled over by cop, who claimed that he checked in his system and it showed that vehicle was uninsured - is this even possible?

I called and got insurance immediately after ticket (effective the next day). Now, I have been been trying to educate myself using this site and am interested in a plea bargain. Would this be offered at the initial court date? I would like to obtain disclosure first but also do not want to ruin my chances of possibly getting some kind of deal from the prosecutor.

Furthermore, do I have any odds that the cop wont show up on this charge, or will the case just be adjourned if he doesn't?

I'm young, clean driving record, no accidents and my financial situation is really bleak, the cop is aware of this too. Any advice as to my best course of action would be much appreciated.

Was also wondering if there would be any way to do community service instead of paying a fine with a guilty plea. Thanks, I look forward to updating you all with my case.

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