Fight Or Not, What's The Right Thing To Do Please?

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Fight Or Not, What's The Right Thing To Do Please?

by: samedayonly on

First of all, I 'd like to thank this forum with all the information, it really helped me with the process and what need to know after traffic accident in Ontario. I am a driver had no accident in past 15 years, until this year I learned "bad things can happen to you, no matter what". I got into 2 accident, the 2nd one is what I need advice for. long story short, the 1st one happened at the close to traffic light, 2 lanes, I am in right lane, left lane piled car waiting for left turn and it's green light, I proceed through, sudden a woman with no signal swift out into my lane, I instinctively hit the break but still not able to avoid the collision, I checked my right clear and made a stupid right wheel to avoid the accident, my mirror hit the pole and my window shattered, the police came let go the woman said there's NO collision and he will be nice, not sue me for broken public facilities (good that the traffic pole is stronger than my mirror). End of story.

Now came to #2 incident month later, it's a raining morning, I made a full stop at T section where the stop sign is very behind and on the left there's this house with fences blocking the view, so I had to move my car forward to see both side before a turn, this time another woman driving Dodge Journey fast approaching from left, I had to hit the brake, but she (no any action of brake) hit my left front wheel, my car totaled (image a truck hit a sedan), I was injured by seat belt and impact. and just because my hard movement at the time, I didn't find any witness on my side, while later on, from disclosure I learned that her daughter (12 year old) in the same car became the only witness in the note stating that I wasn't stop at the stop sign. I went to the T section closely looked again, her road is a main road with no traffic lights and no stop sign but not far from where I entered, there's traffic lights and a speed meter plus walking safety sign (tells that road had lots speeding issues). officer charge me "careless driving" and summon for court. On the court date, prosecutor offered a lower fine "turn -not in safety" with 2 points and a fine. I told the court that I need to review the disclosure and decide if to plea guilty. so Do I take the trial or just bite the bullet ? it would be so hard to proof that she's speeding, and I don't have any other witness can help me on this case. guess probably just be a lesson learn for me and let time heal the mental and physical damage. my insurance got skewed as well.

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by: bend on

You're at fault for the accident. You had the stop, the other driver didn't. You pulled in front of them. I get it. Almost no one who has an accident wants to admit fault. However, your defense isn't a defense. Just because you've come to the conclusion that there is a speeding problem on that street doesn't prove anything. If I live in a neighborhood with a high theft rate, it doesn't make me a thief.

Careless Driving is the worst of the worst. Driving 50km over, impaired driving, driving with no insurance, leaving the scene of an accident... all pretty much the same thing. 100% surcharge on insurance IF they even want you. There is a good chance they will tell you to take a hike. That means you'll be looking for high risk insurance. Especially considering you have at least one at fault accident also.

Turn not in safety is the equivalent of a minor speeding ticket. So if you've ever had your every day speeding ticket, it will be much like that.

In terms of insurance, the difference is pretty drastic.

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