Charged with Careless Driving - Please help!

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Charged with Careless Driving - Please help!

by: dizzybomb on
Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:56 pm

So today I was driving towards Skymark plaza (don mills and finch) going southbound. There was an accident that occured across from the entrance of the plaza. There were 2 police cars on either side with the 2 collided cars in the middle. There were pylons set up in one of the oncoming lanes. So i decided to pull up in front of the pylons so that i could turn left into the plaza. But before I even started turning, the cop walked over and knocked on my window. He asked what i was doing? Did I not see the emergency vehicles? And how I rolled over some liquid from the accident. He said i was being unsafe cause I was in the oncoming lane (but there were pylons set up, so I wasn't obstructing anyone). Anyways , he charged with with careless driving and wouldn't listen to what i had to say. I know it was kind of stupid on my part, but I honestly wasn't putting anyone in danger or harm anyone. Hopefully you guys can help me out! Thank you in advance!
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