Careless Driving, Fail to Remain...will I be charged???

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Careless Driving, Fail to Remain...will I be charged???

by: Panzergrenadier on
Fri May 25, 2012 2:50 pm

About 3 weeks ago I was driving during rainy weather and hit a car that was stopped at a red light while a made a turn at an intersection road due to the tires slipping in the rain. I didn't stop because I assumed damage was minor, no personal injuries, and I had to pick up my father. As soon as my father saw the damage to the car, he told me to immediately report it so I went to the collision reporting center. The cop at the CRC marked off careless driving on the report despite me claiming it was due to weather, and he wrote down my speed as 30km/h although there was no police witness to any of this. The photographer estimated the damage to be $2500 but a mechanic personally fixed it for $800 in 1 week. One week after the accident, another cop came to my house and said he was investigating an accident. I told him I reported an accident and want to remain silent, he didnt specify which accident and I didnt provide him any personal information even when he asked for a copy of my collision report and drivers license. He said things like "if you cooperate, the most you'll get is a ticket", when I didnt budge, he said I can be charged with fail to remain, fail to report, and careless driving, I thought he was trying to bluff me so I said Im busy and told him to come again, and off he went. It's been 2 weeks now since that visit from the cop, and I havent heard anything from the other party, their insurance, or the police. What are the possibilities that I'm going to receive tickets/summons for those charges? Now I'm experiencing anxiety everyday and wondering:
1) If the other party didnt report, am I off the hook even though the cops know I hit and ran?
2) If the other party did report it, shouldnt I have been contacted by their insurance already?
3) Is there a possibility that the other party didnt report/lack of witness evidence, and the investigator came to my house purely based on my collision report to make me confess?
4) What type of solid evidence do the police need to charge me? Did I do the right thing by not showing my license to the investigator?
5) Can I be convicted under the criminal code if there were no injuries?

Any helpful feedback is appreciated.
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by: Stanton on
Fri May 25, 2012 11:07 pm

1) No. You can still be charged.
2) No. They'd obtain a copy of the accident report and bill your insurance company.
3) Very unlikely.
4) I don't see how it benefits you since they already have your information on the accident report. If anything being a jerk to the investigating officer would probably make it more likely he'll try and charge you.
5) Yes. Section 252 states you must stop and give name/address.
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