Careless ticket help

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Careless ticket help

by: gilly64 on
Mon Apr 16, 2012 6:50 pm

Hello, I just recieved my letter for first appearance. I would appreciate and guidance and opinions on the matter. Here's the story

I exited a Tim Hortons parking lot in February turning right. I stopped at the exit signalled right, and proceeded to turn as there was no oncoming traffic. As I made the turn I saw that there was a mto truck coming over the hill approx. 1km away. I made the turn and proceeded down the road. After travelling a short distance down the road I noticed in my mirror that the mto truck was travelling at a much higher speed than i was. He was gaining on me VERY quickly. It was raining at the time and the roads were pretty slick. Upon noticing this I accelerated. When I accelerated my tires immediatly spun, and my rear end fishtailed. I corrected it by steering, and fishtailed a total of 2 more times before gaining total traction. During the fishtail I never left the road, but did cross the center line. The road was totally clear from traffic at the time. Worried that the mto officer was going to hit me I did a u-turn onto the opposite shoulder. The mto officer the pulled beside me on the opposite side of the road. I rolled down my window and he asked what my problem was. Before i could speak he told me he knew what the problem was, that my dog was acting up, that he should be tethered down.He was very irate and yelling. He told me to stay there that he was calling the opp. He then did a uturn and pulled behind me. He approached me and again stated that my dog should be tethered down. (when he first pulled beside me my dog had stood up and his yelling excited him) I assured the mto that my dog had nothing to do with it, that the above was the reason everything had taken place. The mto officer returned to his vehicle and the opp arrived shortly after. When the opp arrived he approached the mto and they spoke for 10-15mins. The opp officer then approached me. Before i could explain my side of the story he told me that the mto officer told him everything. From what he was told he was going to give me a ticket for stunt driving. He then took my licence etc. and returned to the mto truck. They spoke for 10-15mins. and he left. The opp then returned and told me i was lucky, he wasn't going to take my truck. He told me I was recieving a careless driving ticket instead. He told me my dual exhaust was also illegal (came installed from GM). I then was given a chance to explain what had really happened. He told me the ticket carried 6 demarit points, to choose wisely how i wanted to handle the ticket...
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