Careless Driving +3 More Tickets

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Careless Driving +3 More Tickets

by: clone702008 on

So my mother crashed the car into a lamp post with my niece in the car. As a result she got 4 tickets: careless driving, failure to show drivers license, failure to show insurance, and child not properly secure. This was all issue after the fact base on the officers observation as per the disclosure. So question I have it normal for the officer to black certain lines in his memo book regarding to the charges and is it normal for the JP to attach the whole please wait for file to load error message of adobe read to my disclosure? feels like they didn't include alot of the things I requested.

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by: highwaystar on

Its quite normal to provide blacked out portions of the officer's notes---its almost always just info about another case. It is rare if it is redacted (blacked out) AND it also deals with your matter. That's almost never done in HTA cases; you'll find it more in criminal court in serious crimes to protect informant identities or other sensitive info (e.g. national security, etc). Redactions are quite often found in speeding cases where the officer makes notes about your case, goes on with their day making notes about other matters, and then makes a note to show his final test time of the speed enforcement device at the end of their shift. They clearly won't disclose the other case info, but WILL disclose the final test time as it may apply to multiple speeding cases that day. Other times, the officer may simply have followed up on something in your case after the original incident, like meeting a witness or serving a document so they would make notes again.

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