Riding the bike to the shop and almost got sidewiped

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Riding the bike to the shop and almost got sidewiped

by: matt123 on
Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:29 am

I was riding the bike to the shop for service today and nearly got sideswiped.I was traveling down an 80kph stretch of four lane road that drops down to 50kph where the dotted line marking the two north bound lanes ends yet the road stays the same width.I had to swerve to avoid a big pot hole and was passed on my right by a kid in an f 150 so close that I almost caught the driver side mirror.Of course I had a few choice words for the driver but didn't give him the finger and theres no way he could have heard or saw me mouthing the words as I was wearing a full face.
At the next light a 20 or so year old kid jumps out of the truck grabs the windshield on my bike starts cussing me out like he going to push me over.I weigh 240lb and this kid couldn't have been more than 150lb,I was so shocked by his actions that I didn't get off the bike.Without thinking I reached out and smashed his hand against the top edge of the windshield and told If have to get off the bike he's getting f ed up.It must of hurt because he got right back in his truck and sped off.On the ride home I see a police car doing the same maneuver,passing on the right in same spot in what I thought was single lane road( no lane markings)and 50m from a police/army firing range.I know I shouldn't have hit kid and said what I said but did so out of fear,going over on a 700lb Harley has a tendency to hurt and cost big bucks.Was I right of wrong in that it is a single lane with no passing on the right as now I wonder.I find that few people know that you can pass on the solid line in Ontario so they pass on the right:shock:
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